Operational excellence and continuous improvement program leaders face an uphill battle in driving a step change in plant performance. This is partly due to the current business environment, which is heavily focused on maximizing workforce productivity and limiting incremental investment in human capital-based solutions. In fact, lingering questions that consistently worry today’s operations leaders include:

  1. How do I reduce the risk of missing one or more strategic objectives this year?
  2. What tools can I provide to my direct reports to make them successful?
  3. How do I provide visibility up, down and across the organization into the steps we’re taking to get better?
  4. How do I maximize the impact of our program with limited dedicated resources?
  5. How do I create and sustain ownership and momentum at the plant-level for our approach?
  6. How do I ensure that results are sustainable?
  7. Will I leave this place in better shape than I found it?

Our Approach is Different

We focus on people, performance, practices and planning to deliver bottom-line results:

  • People: Successful implementations require new mindsets and behaviors from each employee. Our approach enables organizations to evolve into “learning organizations” that build capabilities and drive engagement across the entire employee base by aligning organizational culture and talent pool to a business strategy that delivers and sustains competitive advantage.
  • Performance: We focus on creating near-term improvements in manufacturing operations while simultaneously navigating the longer-term journey of a stage-based evolution process that ensures sustainability.
  • Practices: We assist our clients in deploying best-of-breed industry practices to drive sustainable competitive advantage in some of the world’s premiere manufacturing companies. This begins by diagnosing where an organization is, and then charting a course to world-class operations through codified and integrated implementation actions.
  • Planning: Our platform-based approach involves a partnership with Phase 5 Group for implementation of its EON operational excellence software platform to coordinate and manage a client’s journey with alignment, visibility, accountability and multiple embedded resources.

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