Over the last decade or two, change management has evolved into a highly structured means for successfully achieving and managing large scale change in any organization.

SPG’s integrated approach in this area is scalable for incremental changes within a given location, as well as significant changes across geographies and multiple business units. Its rigorous methodology proactively addresses the most common shortcoming among traditional efforts, namely, the people, and leaves behind sustainable change through:

  • A systematic approach that achieves critical mass,
  • Starts from the top with a clear vision but involves every layer of the organization,
  • Quickly moves employees forward on their individual change curves,
  • Creates a strong sense of ownership through effective communication of the message, and
  • Constantly adapts and tailors the process for the cultural landscape.

When deployed correctly, it measures success by:

  • Gauging the speed of adoption by employees,
  • Assessing employee performance in the new environment, and
  • Conducting periodic assessments to continually measure the effectiveness of the change management process to ensure high probability of success.

SPG offers a wide range of support, tools, and resources to manage organizational change at any scale, including operational excellence, supply chain optimization, human resource campaigns, policy deployments or any other initiative that affects the majority of employees.

Its platform-based approach also involves a partnership with Phase 5 Group for implementation of its EON change management platform to plan and execute upon any continuous improvement journey through a content-rich library of resources and strong alignment and visibility across all levels of the company.